Thursday, April 24, 2014


I really need to kick my butt into high gear and get completely caught up on my project life pages.  :)

Today I am sharing week 6 with you.  

february 2 - february 8 

This is the entire week in an overview.  

The left side.

 The right side.  


SUNDAY : Me and the kids took Jacob out lunch today and just wondering around was this coyote.  The kids thought it was super cool. Today was also SUPERBOWL.  We didn't have anything planned for the day, but Jacob did bbq some burgers and hot dogs.  His mom and sister stopped by for a little bit.  I didn't even watch much of the game so I didn't even know who was playing or who won.  ( I had to google it for the page lol.  )

MONDAY : Dentist appointments for all 3 kiddos today.  The boys did great and had no cavities.  Chloe would not let anyone look in her mouth, she said she was scared.

TUESDAY : Chloe used her birthday gift cards at Target today and picked herself out a Doc Mcstuffin toy and a car for each of her brothers.  Today was also the birth of my brothers new baby Bria Rose.

WEDNESDAY : Today I worked on spray painting Chloe's easel.  We also made some homemade peppermint patties for the kids teachers on Valentine's Day.

THURSDAY : Chloe just all of the sudden can write her name.  She can look at it and just copy it.  We had no idea she could do this.  Such a smarty pants.  We got some rain today too.  Yay.. so needed.  I am also catching up on mounds of laundry today... I hate laundry.

FRIDAY : Today I had a maternity photo shoot in Barstow at the train station.  So I decided since we are WAY overdue I would get some family pictures of us too. Got a lot of great ones of the kids I am excited to get them hanging in frames around the house.

SATURDAY : Jacob wants to get his garage all cleaned up and organized.  So he got this peg board and today he is hanging in up in there.  It is going to look nice all organized out there.


Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Jacob and Caleb have folders for school that are filled with clear page protectors and they can practice on them with a dry erase marker.  I thought that was a pretty great idea.  Saves on so many wasted sheets of paper for the kids to practice on.
So the other day Chloe was playing with the blank photo book.  You know the kind that holds a bunch of 4x6 photos and you could carry it around in your purse if you wanted to.  It isn't huge and bulky but not super tiny either.  
My mom got the kids each one in a different color for Christmas to go along with their cameras.
They are still all empty.
So when she was playing with it, for some reason a brilliant idea came to my mind.
Why not make Chloe a little book to practice in too.  She LOVES to write on her dry erase board I made her with the markers.  With this, she could take it places with us too.. which she also loves to do.
So in photoshop I just created all these pages to look like it had notebook paper on it and then capital and lower case letters for her to trace.  
I found the tracing letters as a font HERE.  ( I think that is the one I downloaded - but if not just google tracing fonts and you will get a bunch of links )

I just went through and made a page for every letter of the alphabet, then numbers 0-9 and since there was still a page left over I did her name too.  
Then I printed them out on photo paper in a 4x6 size and just started filling the book.  
She LOVES this and calls it her homework.  
It is a perfect little activity to take in the car with us or just for her to sit at the table and work on.  She is getting really good with tracing the letters.  


Tuesday, April 15, 2014


One week at a time and I am getting all caught up on my PROJECT LIFE album.  Slowly but surely. 

january 26 - february 1 

Both sides of the entire week.  

Left side.

Right side.


SUNDAY : Me playing doll house with Chloe down on the floor.  She came to me and said, "Mommy, please please please don't tell me know when I ask you this.. but will you play doll house with me?"  Of course, and not just because she asked me like that which was too cute though. 

We also had a new recipe for dinner tonight.  I made stuffed manicotti.  It was really good. I made a few trays so that I could freeze a few for another night.  

MONDAY : Jacob bought me a new saw today.  I am so excited.  It will make all my wood projects so much easier. Girls can love power tools too. 

TUESDAY : Little Jacob up late tonight working on homework.  He isn't liking homework or school lately...
WEDNESDAY : Caleb's 100 days of school project.  Everyone in the class had to glue 100 of something to any kind of hat. I got him this beanie and we hot glued 100 Cherrios to it.  

THURSDAY : Target couponing today.  THIS is why I love couponing.  Digornio pizzas were buy 2 get a free bottle of soda.  They were on sale for $3.99 each pizza.  I had coupons for buy 1 pizza get 1 free.  Or something like that.  But in the end I got 12 pizzas and 6 bottles of soda for $32.00 plus paying with my Target red card gave me an additional 5% off.  

FRIDAY : Today we dropped this yellow sunshine basket off to Michelle, someone who we appreciate all her hard work.  Love doing this.  
Today was also free dress day at school with a sports theme, so the boys wore their Miami Dolphins jerseys.
This afternoon we had to take the KIA in for a routine oil change and the kids wanted their picture taken with the KIA hamsters. 

SATURDAY : Made a Home Depot run for some supplies. I have a project in mind !  


Monday, April 14, 2014


My neice is turning 2 soon.  They had her birthday party this past weekend.  They live in Sacramento, and it just didn't work out for us to go up to her party this year. 
But I was glad to be able to help by making her the MINNIE MOUSE BIRTHDAY BANNER that I recently shared.
I then was seeing all these buckets all over the internet and knew I just had to make something for her with a red bucket.
The kids and I found the red bucket at the Dollar Tree.
I hate when I go in there, because I find so much stuff I want to put vinyl on.
I think I have a serious problem lol.  
So I found this plain red bucket and the water bottle with a snack bowl underneath it.
I knew these could make a perfect little gift for any 2 year old.
I cut the black and white polka dots out of vinyl and her name and the minnie mouse heads.
The Minnie Mouse heads I used the trace feature on my SILHOUETTE CAMEO.  
The bow part was just empty inside showing the red of the bucket to look like Minnies bow.  
Then I cut some tiny white circles from vinyl and placed them on the bow part to look like it is a red and white polka dot bow.  I cut some of the tiny bows in half and just hand placed all the little circles inside the bow.  
I added her name and the big minnie head first, then just randomly added the bigger circles all around the rest of the bucket.
Then I added the ribbon to the handles and it was all finished.
It turned out better than I had imagined it would in my mind.  

While I was at the Dollar Tree I also picked up this water bottle for her with a snack bowl on the bottom.
I added her name to that and the word snacks to the bowl part, and the circles and that was super easy to do.  

Fun little things to add vinyl to and make them so personalized.
Now what can I vinyl next....


Sunday, April 13, 2014


Since I shared that Friday was mine and my husbands anniversary I thought today I would share the card that I made for him.  
I used my SILHOUETTE CAMEO for the entire thing.  
I cut the cirlcle background from a card file in my silhouette library.  
I used all white smooth cardstock from my Simon Says card kits.
I put a piece of dark red cardstock  and on top of that I laid down a piece of vellum, then glued the cirlces on top of that.  
I centered that on my card.  
I put the vellum on becuase I didn't want the red behind the circles to be so bright and stand out, but I wanted something back there to add a little contrast from the white on white.  

 I cut the coordinating heart out of red, and the word always.  The word love I cut from some dark grey smooth cardstock.
I glued on the red heart and the words LOVE always.  

Then I covered my red heart in some glossy accents and let it dry completely.  

I love how the card came out and was excited to give it to my husband on Friday.  
I love making cards, I really don't know why I don't do it more often.  :)



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