Tuesday, October 21, 2014

noticeablyNICOLES on etsy

Have you heard of etsy?  Do you have an etsy account?  I love etsy and recently (well a few months ago) started my own etsy shop called noticeablyNICOLES.  
I have all kinds of fun stuff in my shop.  
Heres a little peek into some of the things in my shop.   
Come and check it out.
Don't hesitate to ask me to make something you have in mind.  Just because you don't see it doesn't mean I won't make it for you.  

 This is the Dolphins one, but I can make any sports team you want.  

Some MERRY AND JOY WOOD SIGNS, and you can choose between white wash wood finish or dark wood stain color.  You can choose the colors of your letters too.  

BELIEVE THERE IS GOOD IN THE WORLD WOOD WALL HANGING.  I am going to make one like this for our house in our colors, I love this one so much.  A friend of mine asked me to make this one for her and it turned out exactly how she wanted it.  

ENJOY THE JOURNEY WOOD WALL HANGING. You can choose what color you want the colored board too.  This is the same one we have hanging in our living room right now.  I also have this same piece in a light pine color, and a red rooster one as well.  

This is a fun one, and have sold several of these in the last few months.  It makes a great wedding gift or one just for yourself even.

I love this color combination and any little girl would look super cute in this.  

Fun and different hair bow.  

Aren't these so adorable for pictures?  TUTU cute.  :)

I can make so many custom things, if you ever have an idea don't hesitate to give me a call, or text, or email or whatever and ask for me to make it.
I love all of the things I make and would love to make something custom for you too.
Coming soon to my shop are more tutu rag skirts and some Christmas ornaments. 

Come on over and check out my shop.  


Monday, October 20, 2014


Project Life
week 12
march 16 – march 22

Ramblings from week 12: (SPRING BREAK )
Sunday : Miss Chloe!  She is out sweeping the front yard dirt with the house broom while just in her underwear and my slippers. 

Monday :  ST. PATRICKS DAY.  I dressed the kids in all green and I made them green pancakes and green milk for breakfast.  With lunch I made them green milkshakes. 

Tuesday : I finished the banner I made for Lily’s birthday party.  I love how it turned out.  Another crafty project I finished up this week is the love one another wood sign.

Wednesday : Today Michelle and Joey got married.  They got married at the Hesperia City Hall and then everyone went back to their house for a small reception. 

Thursday : I got an amazingly cheap deal on Hungry Hungry Hippos today at Target.  Can’t beat it for $3.00.  I got 2 and gave Chloe one, and am saving the other one in the gift bucket. 

Friday :  The kids played Hungry Hungry Hippos on the front porch and were catching lady bugs. 

Saturday : Jacob took little Jacob to a birthday party.  Caleb had his tball opening day ceremony.  Then we went to Hailee’s birthday party.   

Happy Documenting !

Sunday, October 19, 2014



  • The kids had NO SCHOOL Monday becuase of Columbus Day.  They always love an extra day off, and frankly so do I .  They already don't have school on Friday's, so it was nice to have a 4 day weekend.  
  • I worked Monday and Tuesday again this week.  
  • Jacob's work schedule was all crazy this week.  He worked day shift, got a day off, worked grave yard, got a day off then 2 more days of day shift.  
  • Had to do our health insurance enrollment.  Always not fun to see how much comes out of his check each week just for this.  I mean don't get me wrong, I am thankful for having health insurance, but it has been so all over the place the last few years with his company and we finally had Kaiser, which I loved and then it got changed again and also went up $300.00 a month.  
  • Jacob submitted his application for a job at another cement plant in Arizona.  They have been calling him asking him to apply for quite some time now.  The time never seemed right, but now, maybe it is just our time to move.  We will just have to wait and see how everything pans out.  
  • Jacob's parents came over for dinner on Wednesday night.  Jacob bbq'd steaks and made baked potatoes.  SO GOOD.  The steaks were cooked perfectly.  
  • I had an early appointment down the hill on Thursday morning so I had to drop the kids off at my sister in laws house at 6:30am.  It was crazy getting up and going while it was still dark out.  The kids did great and got up easily and got dressed with no problems.  THANK GOODNESS. 
  • I got new doctor appointments made for me and Jacob, new dentist appointments made for each of us and the kids, and little Jacob an appointment with our old pediatric orthopedic doctor down at Children's Hospital of Los Angeles.  
  • Saturday we spend the day relaxing at home most of the day.  Jacob ran to the junk yard for a part for the truck and I cleaned up around the house, I even got the kitchen mopped.  I got my wood sign orders all cut and glued together. 
  • The kids had their first ever sleep over.  The little girls from next door stayed the night.  They were all so darn excited, and Caleb and one of them stayed up so late playing games on the computer.  
  • Today is Sunday the 19th, which means it has been 11 years today since my dad passed away.  I will never forget that phone call as I was getting ready to go to work.  
  • Today I painted all the wood signs for my orders and a few for our house too.  

  • This coming Friday is the funeral for Jacob's friend and co worker that died in the mtorcylce accident recently. 


  •  Still working on sharing all my project life pages on my blog to get all caught up. 
  • All of my wood sign orders.  

  • Did anyone see the announcement that Becky Higgins and her team are accepting applications for the new PROJECT LIFE DESIGN TEAM 2015?  I am thinking of applying.  
  • We got to watch the first episode in this seasons WALKING DEAD.  
  • Tonight after the kids get in bed we will be watching the next epsidode as well.  
  • I am still behind on all my other shows, so maybe this week I can slowly watch them little by little.  

  • Finally it is starting to feel like Fall around here.  Much cooler weather and I am loving it.  

  • I have been craving a Jersey Mike's turkey sandwich for weeks and on Thursday I finally had one.  SO GOOD!  I enjoyed every last bit of that thing too. 
  •  I made homemade potatoe soup riday night and it turned out AMAZING.  Our neighbor and my new friend stayed to eat and my step dad came by to eat with us as well.  
  • Saturday night Jacob made homemade fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy and green beans.  SO good, it has been so long since we have had fried chicken.  

Saturday, October 18, 2014


Project Life
week 11
march 9 – march 15

 Ramblings from week 11:
Sunday : The kids on the front porch today enjoying a popsicle.  Our little cuties.  They are growing up so fast. 

Monday : Chloe painted her own toenails today.  So is so girly and lover her nails painted. 

Tuesday : Chloe decided that today was a good day to play in the tub with all her millions of toys.  No water, just playing.  Whatever makes her happy.  Silly girl.

Thursday : Caleb’s float for school.  I had a lot of fun helping him make this. 
Chloe being crafty this week too.  She loves all things crafty. 

Friday : I brought Natalie and Nathan home with me today after dance class.  We had dinner at our house for Jacob’s moms birthday. 

Saturday : I went wedding dress shopping with Michelle, Debbie, Jamie and all the little girls today.  We went to a few stores, and then went to lunch at La Casita. 
While the girls were shopping the guys all went fishing.  Caleb caught a big fish. 
I picked up Debbie after and we met them out at the lake.  I  always love a good silhouette sunset! 

Happy Documenting !

Friday, October 17, 2014


Back in late December I shared a list of projects and plans I wanted to do around the house.  One of the things listed was work on our bedroom.  Every house we have lived in, our bedroom is always left for last and then rarely ever gets done.  
My list was just so that I could have it all written down for my grand plans around the house.  I am a visual person and like to see my lists written out.  You can find that list HERE.  

The first thing on the list for our room was to get a new comforter from Fingerhut.  I really did like it, but after getting it and the matching curtains it was getting costly.  Then came the obsession with the color turquoise and the Bed Bath and Beyond catalog that had a comforter I fell in love with.  You can see that post HERE.  

Then we got that Bed Bath and Beyond Comforter and it was perfect. You can see that post HERE.   It was also what finally made me get my butt in gear and actually do some work in our room.  

So FINALLY I am going to share what our room currently looks like.  It is done for the most part, with just a few small things I still have in mind for it.  But I love how far it has come so far.  

I love this collage I made.  This is how it has transformed from the time we moved in, to how it is right now.  Well kind of from the time we moved it, we had that comforter, but a totally different bed.  But it started with an oak bed, and nightstands, and furniture with this green and tanish comforter and tan curtains, with white walls.  
Then the picture on top is the way it was when we were waiting for the rest of the furniture to be delivered after they brought the wrong bed.  We slept with our mattress on the floor for a week or so. 
Then we had the new comforter with the new furniture, with still white walls and the other accessories that matched all the old stuff. 
 Then this bottom picture is how it is now, new comforter, new furniture, new paint on the walls and matching accessories for the room.  

Here are a few before and afters to show how the room has really changed.  
One thing you might notice in this picture is the lamps.  In the original before paint we had these same lamps. I looked around for new lamps and lamp shades and I cannot believe the prices of those things.  Holy Moly there was no way I was going to spend close to $100.00 just for 2 new lamps and lamp shades.  So I did the next best thing and spray painted the lamp itself grey and then since I still had no luck with the lamp shades, I painted those too.  They were cloth like most lamp shades, but kind of a plastic like material I guess you could say.  So I spray painted them with several coats of white glossy paint and perfect. 
I also changed all the curtains.  I really loved the ruffle curtains and had all my intentions to make them, but came across a good deal on all of them through Fingerhut and ordered them all at once.  Even one for the bathroom shower.  
I also added the rug to the room, which really adds that pop of color right there in the middle.  I love it and got it on sale at Target.  

After I painted the room, I moved a few things around too.  In this corner of the room we had a chair and a lamp and a plant stand and some randomness thrown on the wall.  It was just a whatever corner.  So I moved the tall dresser (which I still want to paint black when I get a chance) and put the tv in that corner.  It seems to give the room more balance and I love not walking into this big tall dresser right when you walk into the bedroom. 
I have a plan for that wall vase as well, I have my eye on this flower greenery bundle at Hobby Lobby and it has turquoise flowers in it.  I never seem to be there when it is on sale, and want to use my coupon on other things.  :)

The left picture is where the dresser and tv were, right when you walk in the room.  Now I moved the trunk over there, and hung a frame and some candle holders on that small wall.  I want to add a wood sign under the frame.  Now to me it doesn't seem so cluttered right here when you walk in the door. 

Over here on the other side of the closet doors I added color to the little metal stand I had. I added a shelf under the clock and added a candle and a tiny framed picture of my dad.  I am not fond of the silver pot, so I might change that to black and add some greenery.  

Over on this little wall by the window I just added a grouping of black frames with some family pictures in them.  
They are old frames I have had in here or around the house and I just spray painted them all black to match.  

I took this accent pillow off of our couch because it matched perfectly.  Until I find another one I just leave this one in here.  I got that on clearance months and months ago at Target.  

This frame was originally by the But it is the one I filled and moved over to the other wall.  

Here is what the dresser looked like before the paint, and you can see that frame over there on the wall.  

Here you can see how I updated the dresser by adding some color to it.  I painted the LOVE sign, and bought the little turquoise frame at Target.  I also got the tiny tea light candles (I know they are hard to see) on clearance at Target. 

I also gave the candle holders an updated look to match the room. I sprayed the candle holders a bright silver metallic color and got flame less turquoise candles at Hobby Lobby when they were on sale for 50% off.  

I even gave the flower pot a coat of color.  I kill plants so they never survive here I swear.  So I plan to plant some fake greenery in here.  :)

Here you can see a small glimpse into the bathroom how it was before with the tan accessories and now with the walls painted and a new rug and towels.  
I got the rug on sale at Target, the shower curtain (which is really just a curtain like in our room) through Fingerhut.  I got the matching towels at Walmart.  

I know I didn't share how the space in the bathroom looked before, but I thought I would share how it is now.  
The shelf matches the other one I hung in our room and came from Target, I used to have both hanging up right here, but liked the look with just the one and more accessories on the wall.  I had the vase and greenery since forever ago.  I got the perfect matching wash cloths at Target on sale.  I got the pretty little glass jars at the .99 cent store.  I got the iron wall hanging at the swap meet for $1.00. 

So this is pretty much how our bedroom has transformed completely since we moved here.  I LOVE our room and love just looking in at it all and how it has come together.



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